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Human Potential International

- Advanced Awareness

You don't have to climb to the top alone... 

Our mission is to touch 8 million lives with advanced awareness so as to play our part in furthering the evolution of humanity

(Why 8 million?  Because it is .o1% of the world population)

Our vision is to provide a pathway of awareness to a community of people through our training products, live events, certification programs and coaching both individual and group.

Our values are centric around our culture, where we learning and evolution.  The values that our clients experience are trust and integrity, honest communication, passionate empowerment, and supportive collaboration.  This is the glue of our culture.

Human Potential International is a teaching and coaching organization specializing in furthering human potential through advanced awareness.  

Our core belief is that all people have the ability to access their innate potential through awareness, coaching, mentoring, and skills.  Our primary focus is to promote transformation by focusing upon the unique talents and abilities of individuals, teams and entire organizations.

The heart of Human Potential International is the Human Potential Life Map™ . This unique proprietary framework encompasses the totality of all human experience through 10 areas of reflection.

One of the great strengths of the Life Map™  is that it provides a master framework and repository for the top tools for transformation available.  The Life Map™  is a dream for individuals, teams and entire organizations looking to discover better, faster, stronger and more sustainable results.

Following both eastern and western philosophy of transformation, HPI uses a blend of esoteric spiritual modalities and metaphysics as well as the art and science of physiological and neurological change. 


Following the latest teachings in all areas of advancement for human potential, our passion is to provide the latest and the newest discoveries in human evolution.

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