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Why Training, Coaching and Mentorship?

If you have a goal you can achieve on your own…you’re not thinking and dreaming big enough!

"There is no force more powerful in your life than the need to remain consistent with your expectation of self"

- Casey James Combden


Founders, Human Potential International

Casey Sandra Photo Dec 2017.jpg

Casey James Combden and Sandra Francisco are the power couple that set the foundation of Human Potential International.


Independent of each other they are both more than qualified to represent the vision of expanding humanity with their personal resumes, however together they represent a powerful force of dynamic contrast and supportive styles in the world of coaching and mentoring.

Human Potential International is about three things:

1.  Training The Ultimate Life Map

...a guidance system for success

2.  Sharing Advance Awareness

...intelligence for your life

3.  Empowering Potential 

...becoming actually,

what you are potentially

You Would Do Better If You Knew Better

Life Map Ps.003.png

Human Potential International was created to support other like-minded achievers who believe that we are capable of so much more than what we've been programmed for.

The Human Potential Ultimate Life MapTM

is a proprietary tool created for our clients to learn and discover which areas of their life they need to bring into focus to optimize their lives both personally and professionally.


What's your LIFE SCORE?

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"Coaching and Mentoring is time acceleration for achievers.


Real achievers know to buy the intelligence of objectivity and the wisdom of others achievements and success."

- Casey James Combden


If you would like more information about Human Potential International, We would love to hear from You!

Call: 1-888-448-2556 - North America


10120 Eastern Avenue
Suite 200
Henderson, Nevada, 89052

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