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Coaching and Mentoring is time acceleration... 

- A Coach/Mentor sees your enemies before you do  

"Experience is not the best teacher... other people's experience is the best teacher.

Think about it!

How do you cross a minefield?

The answer is simple... in the footsteps of the people who have made it to the other side  

HPI Coaching & Mentoring is focused on helping our clients realize their potential, achieve their goals, and transform their lives.
We are not a traditional coaching company; there's no area of your business or your life we won't approach because (we know that) everywhere you go... there you are!
We draw on every resource we can, mental, emotional, physical and metaphysical to provide you with awareness, results, and transformation.



Casey James Combden

Casey James Combden is a dynamic Human Potential Specialist with expertise in transformation through advanced awareness.

Casey empowers people to transform into their full potential through drawing from his vast experiences as a business owner for 30 years, as well as from he's incredibly difficult personal challenges.

Casey's massive successes combined equally with his massive failures makes him a compassionate advisor and mentor that provides 'Time Acceleration" to his client's lives​. 


Sandra Francisco

Sandra Francisco is a business coach who has worked at 2 of the largest company's in Canada (Bell & CIBC), managing 100 Million dollar Product launches  and servicing some of Canada's largest clients


As a business coach, Sandra brings high level management skills that when combined with her deep skillset of questioning creates massive clarity for her clients.

Sandra has the special capability of empowering business owners to drive for success in what they do, and yet balance their understanding of whom they need to be while in the pursuit of achieving.

From her testimonials, you'll see that Sandra becomes an invaluable resource and support person for all of her clients.

Coaching and Mentoring Choices

Understanding the difference betweeen Coaching and Mentoring


Coaching is usually the first steps needed for building a plan and setting an outcome.  A coach is for when you need to take actions and gain clarity about what you want to do.  The role of the coach is to ask questions and elicit clarity, vision, and outcome for the student. Coaching is about action items, executables, and about accountability to your custom plan.

Sandra has a powerful 4 Part Process called EPLM Formula, Explore-Plan-Launch-Manage.  The EPLM Formula is for both your personal and your professional life. 


Sandra's coaching method creates miracles in her clients' lives, and she has the testimonies to back it up.  If you want someone to help clarify your true authentic vision and then wrap in a strategic plan... then you want to coach with Sandra, there's nobody better!

Coaching with Sandra


Mentoring is different than coaching in that it presupposes that you have a Plan and that you know what you want.  A mentor is for when you run into mental and emotional obstacles that take you out of your potential.  The role of the Mentor is to be objective, listen to your thoughts and reframe your mindset with advanced human behavior tools.

Casey uses the Human Potential Life Map as his secret weapon to identify the areas of your life that are preventing you from feeling whole and complete at your best.

Casey's mentoring style is free-flowing and intuitive.  His genius level understanding of the human psyche has unleashed the potential in literally thousands of people.  After 30 years of mentoring thousands of people to all levels of success, there's no doubt that he can help you!

Mentoring with Casey
Mentor with Casey Now


"After 38 years in business I have worked with just about all the coaches in my industry. Sandra was a breath of fresh air. She has helped me both personally and professionally this year. My team and my revenues have grown and we are on track for an even better year. Sandra helped me gain clarity at a time when I needed it most. I appreciate Sandra deeply."


—  Sam Ferreri

Texas, USA

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