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Coaching/Mentoring  Options

Let's Start with a Free 30 Minute Session

Classic Sessions: Coaching/Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring in a classic way is the ideal approach to making and experiencing the most lasting and progressive changes in your life, over an extended time.

Classic coaching and mentoring are minimum 1-hour sessions once per week on a consistent basis usually on the same day each week.  This is where the coach/mentor becomes integrated into your personal and professional life to produce the highest and best results for you.

Classic sessions also include access to your coach/mentor via text throughout the week and free attendance to HPI Live events.

Business Strategy Session
Sandra Francisco Only

The Business Strategy session is meant to give you an overview of the EPLM formula, and specifically how it can be implemented to grow your business. 

As part of the Business Strategy session you will receive a 4 part video series meant to give you a more in depth knowledge of the 4 phases of business development.


You will be required to complete the EPLM worksheet prior to your Business Strategy session. This will ensure you can clearly articulate the phase of business development that is most critical to you at the present time.

During the Business Strategy session we will deep dive into the business or personal development phase that is of the highest priority to you. 


Business Meeting

1:1 Coaching

The 1:1 coaching program has the primary goal of guiding you to create and action a compelling vision for your business and life. The program includes a weekly 60 min 1:1 video or phone session. Ongoing messaging support is included.

Bright Idea

Inspiration & Insights Library

The Inspiration & Insights Library is focused around the specific topics of building your business through inspirational stories and insights. History shows that your get more instruction from a story than any other method of teaching.


Life Map™ Series

The Human Potential Life Map™ Series empowers people to experience advanced awareness in their personal and professional life. This master training tool is  is the foundation of establishing personal development and coaching protocol for success in all areas of life.

Affirmation Poster

Affirmations & Meditations library

The Affirmations and Meditations library is a collection of key tools that can used to empower the mind, body and spirit to optimize their highest potential. This is a personal collection of Casey James most prized tools.

Man Looking Through a Window

Mindset & Philosophy Library

The Mindset & Philosophy Library is designed to provide an inventory of insightful audios focused around leadership and mentorship. These audios are advanced teachings that create awareness for the listener to become a better trainer, coach, and mentor.

Man Typing on a Laptop

Life Map™ Self Assessment

The Life Map™ self assessment is an analytics tool for a subjective review of a person’s entire life, creating a score in relation to an ideal score of 1000. It will help you assess and problem solve areas of your life. 


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