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Sam Ferreri
Texas, USA

"After 38 years in business I have worked with just about all the coaches in my industry. Sandra was a breath of fresh air. She has helped me both personally and professionally this year. My team and my revenues have grown and we are on track for an even better year. Sandra helped me gain clarity at a time when I needed it most. I appreciate Sandra deeply."


Noella Ingabire

Toronto, Canada

“I heard Sandra speak at a conference and I was blown away. She speaks with such confidence and knowledge. When, it was time to be teamed up with a coach I really hoped it would be Sandra and lucky me, I got connected to Sandra. Every week on my coaching call Sandra made me feel like I was her only client. She listened and truly helped me discover myself, my real passion and my focus in my business. Sandra has an amazing spirit and she is the one to watch!” 


Rob Sherrington
Toronto, Canada

“Understanding, intuitive, engaging, accomplished, comfortable, caring – just a few words that speak about my time coaching with Sandra.”


Mary Montagnese
Woodbridge, Canada

"I am grateful to have experienced leadership coaching with Sandra.  It was approximately 4 years ago when I met Sandra. I knew that I needed someone by my side to constantly remind me of my potential and help me shy away from my fears. That person was and still is Sandra.  She is a true inspiration with an abundance of knowledge. She has awakened my powerful leadership skills, that for many years were embedded deep down inside of me.  I can truly say that as a leader I have grown in many ways, which in turn, has grown my business for the bigger vision we have ahead of us.  I can truly say that Sandra is a mentor and she has become a part of my life. I am grateful."


Franca Rende
Toronto, Canada

“Sandra is a fantastic coach. She always goes the extra mile for her clients and is eager to see them succeed. She has shared so much valuable wisdom with me. She has taught me the importance of commitment and follow thru, time management, tracking and how to manage priorities. I would recommend Sandra to anyone that is looking to achieve results and wants to progress their business to the next level. These words are from my heart, I look forward to every coaching call that I have with Sandra.”


Mamta Sahota
Brampton, Canada

"Sandra has a remarkable gift that needs to be shared with millions. She is my secret weapon. In just a few minutes she can take me from total confusion to brilliant clarity. Sandra has given me billion dollar advice that I will use for the rest of my life. Her ability to ask the right questions at the right moment is uncanny. I am learning to be the best version of myself. Sandra can see the best of me and she shows me how to optimize. I am blessed to have Sandra as my coach."


Julie Canzio

Vaughan, Canada

“Sandra has brought my business world class strategic expertise that has saved me money, time and effort. You can trust, rely on, and expect that Sandra will deliver results. Sandra’s clarity and ability to help me solve complex problems in a few simple steps is brilliant. Sandra's uniqueness lies in her ability to provide clarity that has led me to execute significant results in my business and life. I assure you Sandra will deliver above and beyond your expectations.”


Peter Milner 
Bonn, Germany

"I’ve been working with Casey for 3 months now, he has given me the tools to duplicate my business so easy and quick. It’s helped me grow personally in all areas work habits, ethics, principally and most importantly integrity. It’s shown me how to take my own personal emotions out of the industry and simply follow a proven pattern for success with no doubts of which direction to go and when."


Catherine Edwards 
Surrey, United Kingdom

"It is a very rare talent to be able to help people to articulate and believe in their dreams, and ever rarer to be able to provide a clear & proven process for them to achieve these dreams! Working with Casey is life changing. Thank you for being the best mentor, coach & trainer and for truly living by your values."


John M Fernandes 
Conneticut, USA

"The things I’ve learned from Casey are more valuable than I ever anticipated. The personal and professional development has brought me further than I (and many of my peers) would have believed. Throughout my career running a recording studio and leading a staff of over 250 people, the amount of leadership skills I’ve gotten through Casey’s mentoring has strengthened my emotional quotient and awareness of self every day. I always look forward to any amount of wisdom I can glean when Casey is teaching. Thank you Casey!"


Jeremy Wong 
Vancouver, Canada

"Casey has been the most impactful mentor that I have had the pleasure to work with. The wealth of knowledge and experience that he brings to the table is second to none! His systems and processes are world class and it has greatly helped me achieve more success both personally and professionally." 


Peter Thomas
New Haven, Conneticut

"Unparalleled – Is the way I would describe Casey as both a personal mindset mentor and a business coach. Rarely will you find a person who can distill the essence of where you need to go to advance yourself as a person and then be able to translate that direction into how your business can benefit from utilizing his systematic approach to growth and success. Casey has done that for us over a relationship that has lasted over a decade."


Jeffrey Kippel & Mindy Blackstien
Toronto, Ontario

“Casey we wanted to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude. We have been utilizing the Pattern for Success in all areas of our business life from networking to fitness to client and sponsorship acquisitions, we have even have found huge benefits in our personal lives as it taught us that in order to achieve what we want we need to become something different and this system provides the tools, the roadmap and pathway to get there. ”


Daniel Turner
New York, USA

"Working with Casey has given me a definite direction in terms of how to be successful in this business. Through the Pattern for Success training system he has taught me, I feel a sense of calm and clarity which has allowed my team and I to push forward with confidence & efficiency in our businesses."

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