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Casey's primary focus is to promote transformation by clearly identifying and focusing on the client's "Unique Talents and Unique Abilities."

About Casey...


Casey has owned and consulted to 25+ businesses over the past 10 years spanning the financial services, wealth management and corporate structuring, internet, health and wellness, publishing, wholesale, real estate, venture capital, and automotive and trucking industries just to name a few.

An author of 5 books, Casey appeared in the movie “Pass It On” (a sequel to “The Secret”), and has spoken in front of millions in conventions around the world. He created a sales training and recruiting organization of 250,000+ people that rivals the largest companies in the world.

Casey's coaching philosophy is founded on  the principle of furthering human potential through advanced awareness.  

Utilizing the propriety Human Potential Life Map™ , Casey is able to assess the totality of the client's experience through 10 areas of reflection.

Casey leads client's to discover better solutions, to implement faster change, and create stronger and more sustainable results in their lives.

When asked about his success as a coach Casey's response is "Clarity about what you need to change is the first step to improving your performance. My first priority with any client is to provide clarity. Success as a coach is primary derived from ensuring the client is the right match to work with me. I am not everybody's coach. I am the right coach for the right client."

Casey follows both eastern and western philosophy of transformation, using a blend of esoteric spiritual modalities and metaphysics as well as the art and science of physiological and neurological change.


Casey’s vast experience and commitment to excellence shows up in his coaching style that’s sure to leave you challenged and aware of your potential. 

Casey shares his brilliant mindset advice for success on his YouTube Channel.

So, What’s in it for you?

Casey is an internationally recognized leader in personal development and human potential strategies. For over 25 years, he has been leading entrepreneurs and business owners  to create the life they desire. 

Why should you you care?

Coaching and mentoring is “Time Acceleration.”  The value of a coach and mentor is time and speed to results. Why struggle your way to the life you want when you can have someone help you remove your roadblocks.

What can you do about it?

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Credentials and Certifications

  • Bachelor of Applied Arts in Radio & Television

  • Certifications: NLP Master Coach,

  • Master Practitioner of NLP,

  • TimeLine Therapy, Hypnosis,

  • Certified Trainer of DISC, KOLBE, and Human Potential Life Map Technologies.

Need more information on Casey?

Be sure to read the testimonials below.


"I’ve been working with Casey for 3 months now, he has given me the tools to duplicate my business so easy and quick. It’s helped me grow personally in all areas work habits, ethics, principally and most importantly integrity. It’s shown me how to take my own personal emotions out of the industry and simply follow a proven pattern for success with no doubts of which direction to go and when."


—  Peter Milner, 
Bonn, Germany

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