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Mentorship and Coaching with Jeffrey & Mindy

It is rare to find a coach, consultant, or mentor with a resume like Jeffery Kippel or Mindy Blackstien. Of course, it's even rarer to connect with and be empowered by both.

Human Potential International is proud to partner with the talents of Jeffery Kippel and Mindy Blackstien, as this power couple brings their unique gifts to the HPI community.

Life Optimization Experts

Jeff and Mindy are visionaries and pioneers in the bodybuilding and fitness industry, and their list of accomplishments is impressive.

Their illustrious career began over 25 years as they created the World Natural Sports Organization, founded the FAME Agency, produced the FAME World Tour, and published FAME Magazine.

Their commitment to revolutionize the unhealthy components of the bodybuilding industry of the early 2000's lead to the creation of the "Fitness Model" industry, and debuted at their FAME events, the largest fitness consumer shows in the world.  The FAME world Tour became a destination event for the fitness and wellness industry, attracting enthusiasts globally.

As a result of their commitment to establishing a healthy fitness mindset, people from all backgrounds, experience levels, age groups and ethnicities successfully transformed into bodybuilders, models, athletes.  Many went on to become cover models, sponsored athletes, world champions, business owners, coaches, trainers and even celebrities. 

Reflecting on their FAME success, they noticed that looking like a superhero didn't always mean feeling like one. Becoming an artist to your physique, while commendable, does not mean you are happy, healthful, confident, or a wellness expert.
Guided by a vision, Jeff and Mindy re-set their sights on inspiring continuous change in the fitness industry and initiated the BodyPROUD and Rethink FIT movements that continue to drive the fitness industry's awareness.

Today Jeff and Mindy use their life's experiences, wisdom, and insights to empower, motivate and guide others to love better how they think, feel, act, look and dream.  As deep listeners, Jeff and Mindy do more than fix problems. They help their clients shift their thinking so that problems seem to fix themselves. 

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

Facilitating a simple shift in perspective enables you to see your world through a new lens so that you can experience breakthroughs, make notable gains, and achieve your true potential.



Life Optimization Program with Jeff & Mindy includes:


Discovery Session. (30-60 mins)


During the discovery session, they will assess the areas of your life where you need support.  Utilizing the exclusive "Ultimate Life MapTM" guidance system, they will review your physical, mental, and emotional health as well as the state of your key relationships, your career/business, your finances, and overall well-being.  You will be given an Ultimate Life MapTM Score out of 1000, giving you a percent on your current life efficiency compared to your true potential.  This holistic review of your life is the foundation of the life-changing breakthroughs you will experience in the "Life Optimization Program."


Weekly Calls -  Targeted Conversations on Key Areas of Life Optimization

Weekly coaching calls are there to educate, implement and track the results in your life optimization journey.  The purpose of these calls is to provide insights, feedback, and new awareness to ensure you are making optimal progress.  (You can choose if you'd like to connect by Zoom or Phone)


Weekly Check-In Calls - Brief Conversations to Optimize Key Areas of Life Optimization


Weekly check-in calls are there to support your progress and ensure that you implement the agreed-upon tactics of personal growth and awareness.  These are quick check-in and encouragement calls between the main coaching calls.  ((Text, Phone or Video)


Email and Text support are a part of the Life Optimization Program.


Monthly Investment:   $1,800 US Funds


Please email us directly to learn more about working together.

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