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Fast Forward Your Future - 1 Day Advance Awareness Seminar

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If You're Not getting what you want...

STOP Listening to yourself!

The "Fast Future Your Future" event is built around the Human Potential Life Map™  which is an analytics tool that brings clarity to the ten areas of your life. 

Understanding how to use the Life Map can empower you to make the best possible choices in all areas of your Life.​​
You've NEVER SEEN these teachings before...          because it's exclusive to Human Potential International and we're now teaching it to the world.
In 2012 through to 2015, we charged thousands of dollars for these teachings. 
Today we've realized that we can't make a difference in humanity holding on to wisdom and knowledge so we've had a change of heart and now want to share it with the world. 

What Will You Learn at the event...

Pay What you Want Model... 


The Pay What You Want Model...

Everyone is at a different station in life.  Whether you're "Rocking Life" or "Life is Rocking You", you're welcome in our community.


Two Groups:

The truth is that most people who get attracted to events like this are in one of two groups. 

Group one is crushing life and they want to optimize more and get more out of life;

... or if you are in Group two, life is crushing you and you need a safe space to figure stuff out and learn what action to take next!  Whichever group you're in, you're welcome here...


What to pay... 

If you've got the money and it feels good... pay the recommended $100 US for the event... we're glad your in a great space financially to afford this!


Pick a Coupon Code:

If spending $100 US is too much then just pick what works for you... no judgment! 

I've gone through personal bankruptcy, so I know that money can be a big stressor...

However, I also don't believe in free, so I think that paying something maintains your dignity and a sense of integrity and honors the "Law of Reciprocity".



Pick an amount you want to invest in your day with us and then be at peace.  Here's the coupon code system.


100% Guaranteed... My promise...

If this event for some reason... any reason... doesn't make your life better and move you forward in an empowering and encouraging way, I will as quickly as possible refund your event money. 

My heart has chosen to create this event, not my bank account. This is a labor of love for me... I promise to refund your event money if you ask!




Why US Funds...

I'm sure you are wondering why US funds are being charged when we're in Canada. Human Potential International, LLC is a US-based intellectual property company and the merchant services in based in the United States. 




COUPON CODES for the Event:

PAY10 = Approx. $13.00 Canadian

PAY20 = Approx. $26.00 Canadian

PAY30 = Approx. $39.00 Canadian

PAY40 = Approx. $52.00 Canadian

PAY50 = Approx. $65.00 Canadian

PAY60 = Approx. $78.00 Canadian

PAY70 = Approx. $91.00 Canadian

PAY80 = Approx. $104.00 Canadian

PAY90 = Approx. $117.00 Canadian

HPI 100% Guaranteed Image 1.jpg




The Event Date is... TO BE ANNOUNCED.

If you would like to be notified of future events click Notify Me.

The Event Location is... USUALLY...

The event will take place at the ALOFT HOTEL at the Vaughan Mills Center on 151 Bass Pro Mills Drive, Vaughan Ontario.  Hotel Phone:  1-905-695-9574.

There is free parking on site.


Start and End on time...

- We start, and 9 am and end at 5 pm. Simple.


You won't be sitting long...

- Learning is limited when you sit for long periods, so we will have you up and moving all day.


Lots of breaks...

- Everything takes time to digest, so we take breaks every hour to make sure your able to take in what's important to you.


Bring a Note Pad...

- We've found that you'll want to write stuff down that you've heard.  The event is fast paced, and you will be learning many different concepts that you may want to reference later, so taking notes is recommended.


Dress relaxed and comfortable...

- At these events feeling good is more important than looking good.  If you get cold easily, bring your blanky and anything that makes you feel comfortable.


You'll know what to do...

- When you leave the event you'll know exactly what actions to take to make progress, that's why a note pad is good.


You don't have to buy stuff...

- This is not a sales event so you won't be pitched stuff.  During the event, we will be introducing a $10 a month, Live Zoom community that you can join if you want to stay connected to us.


We're all going out for Lunch...

- We encourage everyone to leave for lunch for a minimum of an hour so that you can get some fresh air and change your state.


Music makes the heart feel good...

- As a former DJ, I love music, and I use music as a backdrop in our learning environment, it just makes things better.


Casey why are you doing this...

- After I left being a part of a community in 2015, it occurred to me that I was less inspired to achieve my best without other like-minded people to share it with. 

I made a commitment to myself to live a better life in 2019 and that's why I've chosen to create this community... the truth is that I need you to be my best!

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