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The ULTIMATE LIFE MAP is the totality of all human experience through 10 areas of reflection in a visual and diagrammatic illustration

What's Your Life Score?

"Life Map™ is for people who refuse to live ordinary lives and are willing and wanting to create extraordinary results in their life."

The Human Potential Life Map™ is an analytics tool that will bring clarity to who you are and what you are here to create in your life.
The magic of the Life Map™ is that once you are clear on your life’s intentions it will help quantum leap your visions into reality.


Through the Human Potential Life Map™, you will be able to problem solve areas that create barriers to realizing your visions and success. It will also show where potential future areas of challenge lie.


With this tool, you can create organic results for yourself faster than you could ever imagine.


The Life Map™ is the culmination of the most sought after personal and professional development gathered into one singular model.


Essentially, it is a central resource, a model that provides a single point of focus that allows you to stand back and look at all areas of your life from a very global perspective.


Consider it a “road map” of your life.


The Life Map™ is built on two fundamental beliefs:


1. You have a Unique Talent and a Unique Ability that sets you apart from everyone else.


2. You have an innate drive to be whole, complete and living a fulfilling, successful and effortless life.


There are distinguishing differences between Unique Talent and Unique Ability.


A “Talent” is defined as “a natural feature, aptitude or disposition of a person.” It is an innate, natural talent that you possess. You were born with it. It comes to you easily and effortlessly without ever having to think about it. You feel passionate, energized, and totally at peace when you are engaged in it.


An “Ability” is defined as “a competence in doing.” It is essentially a natural talent that has been refined through practice and repetition and has now become a natural ability that is being transacted in the physical, material world.

All of your joy peace and profit resides in the space of creating a vision around your Unique Ability.  The world will pay exponentially for Unique Ability because they can see it's value.  It up to you to discover your Unique Ability and then organize your life around spending as much time as possible sharing it with the world.

The Life Map™ self-assessment is an analytics tool for a subjective review of a person’s entire life, creating a score in relation to an ideal score of 1000.
Individuals score themselves to become aware of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) that are present in their lives. 
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The Human Potential Life Map™ encompasses 10 essential areas of your life:

1. The Core
2. Energetic
3. Relationships
4. Mental Health
5. Emotional Health
6. Physical Health
7. Career/Business
8. Prosperity/Abundance
9. Physical Universe
10. Spiritual Universe

The map will indicate everything that is present or absent in your Physical Universe. Your physical reality is a manifestation of what you have created both consciously and unconsciously. It will also reveal how you manage your emotions, your thoughts, your relationships, or finances. You will be able to look at your life in its entirety within one single framework.


The Life Map™ illustrates how one or more areas of your life affects the quality of life in other areas. For example, mental and emotional well-being will affect all areas of the map in very positive ways. Conversely, mental and emotional imbalance or illness will have negative repercussions in Relationships or Career/Business for example. All 10 areas are interdependent and connected. It is a holographic imprint; every part affects the whole.


The Human Potential Life Map™ technology will teach you how all areas of your life are integrated and you will learn to identify areas that may potentially create barriers to your success. More importantly, you will learn what, specifically, you can do in each area to create a balanced and empowered life.


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